Not many know that floristics just like clothing and shoes are subject to fashion trends. This may seem strange, since all the art of compiling bouquets is built according to certain, unbreakable rules and canons. However, innovations always attract due attention, so all the fashion is based on making new and not standard.

The main trends of flower fashion define the Dutch. This is not surprising, because Holland is the birthplace of most colors. Once at the age of 7, there is an international festival of flowers, on which the most fashionable and stylish florists surprise the world with their works and new colors. It is on it that the basic trends of the upcoming season are asked.

The standard for autumn bouquets is considered to use berries and fruits, such as rowan or hawthorn berries, apples or corrugated yellow leaves. Classic flowers for autumn floristics are considered yellow, brown, red, green. But this year, new items have surpassed all expectations and moved away from the usual image.

Trisha Haysler made focus on the color palette of bouquets. She claims that the usual color decisions moved to the background and the time of the rebellion. According to her beliefs, the main colors in 2021, there will be a combination of the ocher gamut with unexpected orange and purple shades, with dilution of stylish chocolate color.

Chocolate shades moved from a strict combination with a purple, blue and pink tint, in all fashionable bouquets. Today it is permissible in all standard and non-standard bouquets, regardless of the previously used colors.

Most fashionable florists preferred lilies. They held the royal place at the entire festival. A huge number of varieties and shades were impossible not to notice. A new variety of this plant spectators surprised Geri Longs. He managed to create a unique lily with durable, growing upwards. The beauty of the variety is that they are convenient to transport and make truly fabulous bouquets.

The most common flower was Lily "Pink Paradise". It is amazing that called pink, the flower has a white color. He had until the near future. This year, the gardeners of the Selicationarians managed to grow a pink flower.

To create complex compositions, florists use a large number of additional materials. In the autumn season, wood, leather, ceramics, tin, coarse fabrics and twine are relevant. Ukraine developers at Echo.