Hunter for evil things

1. Cloisterwood - Jahan
2. The island of the Bloody Moon - Defender
3. Blommon Island - Tree ancestors
4. Blommon Island - entrance to the archives of the island of the bloody moon.

To activate this quest, you must go to Jakhan. Talk to him. He orders you to deal with the demon living on the island of the bloody moon - the defender.

You can get on the island of the bloody moon through the destroyed bridge. Use Spirit Vision when you are next to him, and you will find that its fragments are hidden. Teleportation can help your team cross the bridge.
To get inside, a certain number of oddness points is required. If you can't find it, you can try to use the ability of "peaceful peace".

There you welcome three creatures that order you to go to the defender. It can be found in the demons camp. If you decide to kill it now, you will block the quest called Defender. Because of this, it is recommended to kill it after the completion of this quest. Good idea - distribute your team during this fight.

Defeat the defender and go back to Jakhan. Tell him that the demon is dead. Then he will teach you how to collect an extra point of the source.

The next step will be a conversation with a tree of ancestors. This is only possible if you learn his name. You can learn it in the archive of the island of the bloody moon. They will be in the journal of the archivist. As an option, you can talk to the ghost of archivist. As soon as you learn the real name of the ancestors, return to it and say a name. So you can talk to him. This will allow you to find out the name of the demon who is looking for Jahan.

Tend to Jakhan with this information. He will teach you to collect an additional point of the source.

Reward: 36100 experience points

Bite of crust

If you explore the sawmill with an activated spirit vision, you can meet the lifewood, the ghost of the elf, which is contained in the tree. He asks you to take revenge on him and kill a person who stabbed him.

The lumberjack is dead, but you can revenge his ghost. To do this, you need to cross the bridge and go to traps. There you can find two graves.

One of them belongs to the Woodhouse. Drop it, and the ghost will appear. You must absorb its energy.
Then you must return to the tree and report the ghost that you have revenged for it. Elf thanks you and generously award.

Award: 36100 Experience Points + 2 Guaranteed Awards + 1 out of 5 possible to choose from depending on the class class + Lifewood shield. Best training provides on in Lagos, Nigeria. Find best training courses in Lagos.