Russian cities and towns are just as impressive as the natural beauty of their surroundings. The majority of large cities and towns are found along riversides. River cruises are the most effective method to explore these stunning locations, renowned for their rich history and breathtaking views.

You'll be able to visit many places quickly and not be exhausted on such a trip. It isn't necessary to travel long distances on foot like most travelers do. It is not necessary to shell out a lot of money for taxis or other transportation options like. Our guides will make sure that you are never lost, even if do not have maps or navigators.

Certain routes will take you to large cities like Moscow or Saint-Petersburg. Others take you to beautiful small towns with a rich tradition, like Uglich, Kalyazin, and the list goes on. It is easy to find the most suitable route, even though you've been to Russia before. Each year, our crew creates new waterways to make your vacations even more memorable.


Sometimes it is a big issue to choose which destinations you'd like to see. It is possible to travel with children on your own, by yourself, or as groups. We've identified the most charming and beautiful cities. Our team is comprised of the most skilled professionals, and the main goal of whom is to help make your travel more enjoyable.

Every day is filled with excursions. If you're not bored or are keen on a particular one, you can opt to skip them all. It is easy to find out important information about each location by using the expert guide. It is also a fantastic method for children to gain knowledge.

Our club is an environment that is safe for children travellers. For the other members of your family, there are many options for entertainment, such as bars, restaurants as well as fitness classes and masterclasses on darts tournaments, dancing, chess, or chess.


Modern ships ensure that you don't have worry about losing your luggage or wrinkled clothes in your luggage. Since you'll be traveling with your home no matter what something occurs. You can also travel in the cabin that will be your home during the entire journey. We have seven ships that are well-equipped, which will make your journey pleasant and peaceful.

Every cabin is equipped with televisions, comfy beds refrigerators, air conditioning, hair dryer, and many other amenities. You don't have to worry about the food as we offer tasty and creative cuisine. You can therefore enjoy your trip and completely forget about all that difficulties.

Booking hotels is not a requirement. Our guides will accompany you through each town and city and, therefore, even if Russian isn't your primary language, that's okay. The plans for excursions will be available in both English as well as Russian.


Even if you are a very tempted traveler, we will found something to surprise you. The site provides a wide range of options so that you can choose the best.

River cruises are the best method to understand Russian culture. Our guests get lectures on Russian culture and history as well as Russian language lessons. It can be difficult to master Russian during holidays, but we will provide you with common phrases that will make it fun to learn in your home country.

Our company has been in operation since 2004 and has already made many people from all over the world satisfied. We have more than 100000 kilometers covered and many happy customers. We're waiting for you!