The instructors teaching the driving instructors correctly say, which, before you start and go on the road, you need to configure the correct position of the driver's seat, adjust the side and central mirror. But very often this rule neglected newcomers. They seem to them that it is enough just to sit in the car, get started and go on the road. A little later, they remember that they forgot to lower the hand brake lever, they forgot to set the mirrors, and the leg, due to the fact that the driver's seat is drawn a few years ago, does not reach the clutch pedal. Of course, in such a "emergency" condition and position to continue the movement, although extremely unsafe. You will feel discomfort and excitement. Therefore, it is better to do everything immediately before the car comes into motion.

First of all, when you get behind the wheel, you must adjust the seat. It needs to be put in this position so that while driving your spin completely rested in the back of the seat. Feet should be a little bent in the knees, but at the same time they should quickly and freely get to all pedals. As for the hands located on the steering control, they should not be stretched, but a little bent in the elbows. If you do everything right, then you will not feel fatigue.

At the same time, you should not sit extremely close to the torpedo. Very often, especially women sit down in such a way that they are completely visible to the nose of cars. If you sit down a little further, in order to disappear from your view, the front review, women, and men begin to panic that they do not see the size of the car and can hardly be squeezed into travel. You must not see the nose of the car, but feel dimensions. This comes with time, but not immediately. In addition, you should look at the road - approximately 30 meters forward, and not to work out under your radiator grille and license plates.

In addition to the seat, it is also important to correctly set the side mirrors. Before you start adjusting them, you will need to be fastened with a seat belt. In both mirrors, you must only see the smallest part of your car. It is better to deploy them so that a larger viewing radius has opened - what is happening from behind. You must only see the tail of your car. This will be more than enough.

Teach yourself never to look at the pedals and control levers. Frankly, you must be able to determine their location to the touch or intuitive. If you will constantly look at the gearbox - in what position it is, then you can not sleep the rotation you need, or even create an emergency situation at all. To be distracted by the road in no case. Any road situation may change literally in one second. Therefore, if you suddenly forgot what the transmission is included, then it will be better to check the right hand, release the steering wheel. Best training providers on in India. Find you best training courses in India.