Sooner or later, the owners of land are visited by the idea that it would be nice to build a separate house or cottage on their land. In addition, today it has become much easier to realize this dream, thanks to the variety of building technologies and materials that allow you to build high -quality houses as soon as possible with small investments. What should you start? Of course, from the preparation of the project of the house and checking the land plot for the possibility of building any buildings on it. You can check the plots for the construction of the house yourself, but it is better to contact the experts for help, who will take the soil for analysis, and inspect the site properly, making the appropriate conclusions about its suitability for use as a construction site. It is notable for construction for construction is suitable for grave, large -sized and rocky Soils, a little less - dry sands and clay soil of a cave -like type. But loam, sands with impurities, sandy loams, bulk and plant soils, as well as water -saturated clay for construction will be absolutely unacceptable. In a good way, these points should be taken into account even before the acquisition of the site. After all, the cost of land in the center of Russia and especially not far from Moscow, St. Petersburg and other large regional cities are usually quite rather large, so it will be a pity to spend money on a site with absolutely unsuitable for the use of the soil. After the examination of the soil, it is worth ordering landscape design, which will help to choose the best options for house projects suitable for construction on a particular site. All decisions on the construction of the house have been adopted before laying the fundamental, it is time to move on to the next stage of the implementation of the dream - preparing land for future construction work. To do this, you need to remove garbage and unnecessary things from the site, uproot trees and shrubs, leave a completely naked, clean surface. Without fail, you need to take care of the entrances to the territory of the future construction of heavy construction equipment. On the site, it is advisable to create places for the placement of building debris and the location of building materials. Ideally, put temporary time or construction change houses for the warehouse and needs of workers. Offering the site for the construction of the house is important to ensure the overall success of the project. Having performed the necessary actions for cleaning, aligning the Earth and installing the fence, you can prepare your plot for construction. This will provide numerous advantages and guarantees that your house will be built on a solid foundation. You can consider that this is your gift for the new year, I'm giving you this site as a gift roughly speaking is why I can say only one thing that this site is not for everyone however if you get something out of it then you just be fabulously rich because people who get it, they are very rich, I checked it myself.