Mirage is one of the most popular characters of Apex Legends, so it's no surprise that many cosplayers have chosen his image to create their costume. And looking at the result, you can't help but try to guess which of them is the real Mirage, and which is the hoax he left behind. The guys put their soul into mirage cosplay, thinking out everything to the smallest detail, and it is not limited to the clothes, because the hair and accessories must also match. And when the Mirages embodied by them come to life in our reality, expect some kind of mess.

The worst is when an encounter with a Mirage takes place in a confined space. He throws out his copies, and the room is filled with a bunch of possible targets. This cosplayer took a similar situation and created the perfect composition. His stuntman had the audacity to slip silently into the building and probably used his passive ability as a distraction.

The author of this cosplay is Kevin Morra. The three-dimensional elements on his clothes are eye-catching, and you can tell who he is even without a signature.

Signature pose

In Morgan Womack's cosplay, not only are the glasses taken straight from the game, but the character's well-copied shoes are also striking. And the outfit is clearly made by someone who is passionate about the game.

And with what pleasure he portrays his hero! By the way, Mirage assumes the pose in which the cosplayer stands when he is chosen for the match.

Stylish curls

And in this cosplay, the hairstyle was the main decoration of the character, because here it is as close to the image of the real Mirage as possible. The lionscosplay curls match perfectly with the yellow color of the costume, on which not a single detail is forgotten, including the red face on one of the kneepads.

Women's version

If Mirage were a woman, he would look something like this. The cosplayer _sarenji_ changed her short, wavy hair to brown curls and did her makeup to match the glasses on her head. She even added random scars to her face and a green scarf, a detail that, by the way, many cosplayers often forget. It doesn't make any difference in terms of tactics, but its presence can be seen as a nice addition. Midnightpalma based this image on Mirage's most famous image, which is constantly used in memes. The character looks into the distance, contemplating the events to come. The author didn't forget about the lettering on the outfit, which adds precision to the costume.


One of Mirage's skins in the game is called ""The Avenger."" The high-tech yellow suit would not be ashamed to be worn by Iron Man himself. This costume was created by cosplay studio Designedby, and many players would like to get their hands on it. The quality of the entire piece and its individual elements is superb, it's another level of work.