Drug addiction is a complex and heavy disease, so each patient with this ailment requires a special approach and specially designed procedures. The individual treatment program consists of several stages, each of them consistently helps in the treatment of drug addiction and ultimately leads to complete recovery.

The main stages of drug treatment:

Complete clinical examination.
Diagnostics using new medical equipment.
Individual, delicate liqueness removal.
Motivational conversation with patients, setting it on drug addiction treatment.
Restoration of the physical condition of the body.
Improvement and restoration of the psychological state of the patient.
Individual rehabilitation program, allowing to consolidate the result.
The last stage is the psychological rehabilitation of the patient, helps to determine the causes of drug addiction, resolve it and consolidate the result of treatment, as well as adapt to life in society.

Methods for treating drug addiction in our drug clinic

For the treatment of drug addiction at the physical level, harmless, modern medical preparations, which increase the patient's immunity, and also delivered various diseases caused by drug use - kidney disease, liver, heart and digestive system.

The main medical drugs used in the treatment of drug addiction:

Nonarcotic analgesics.
Anticonvulsant drugs.
Medical preparations that improve the activities of the cardiovascular system.
Soothing phyto preparations.
Vitamin preparations.
Specially designed physiothereders are aimed at purifying the body from accumulated drugs. Phytotherapy, homeopathy, laser therapy and other unique methods help restore the activity of the brain of a patient man.

Sessions of special conversations set up a drug addict for awareness of their dependence, which turns around to continue the treatment of addiction to complete recovery.

Conditions of treatment in our narcological clinic

Treatment of drug addiction passes in a comfortable environment. Clean and bright chambers, perfect cleanliness and order. Patients attend the rest room, are engaged in sports, we also take into account all the wishes of our patients and perform them. Patients are conducted round-the-clock medical observation, which allows you to quickly solve any problem of the patient at any time of the day.

We use all your professionalism to cure patients from drug addiction. Our clinic employs narcologists, psychotherapists, physiologists, neurologists, the entire staff has the experience of many years of drug treatment practices. We honor the medical secret, the whole assistance we provide and advice anonymous. Looking for Russian wife? Russian Girls for dating on https://sweetydate.com/online-dating/countries/single-russian-women . FInd women from Ukraine and Russian for dating and marriage.