Classification of colors for life expectancy.
Even the most far from plants a person knows that there are flowers that bloom one year, and there are those that bloom for many years. Science divides flowers on the duration of their lives to the following types - annuals, twilights, perennials.
So, annuals in one year have time to live a full life. Such colors are very beautiful, their forms and coloring are very diverse. Why annual flowers won the love of dacnis? Everything is simple. Annual flowers are quite simple in care, as they do not need to create special conditions for wintering, and their bright and diverse colors makes it possible to dacnis every spring to update their flower beds and flower beds. We reproduce their seeds from which they are grown either seedlings or sow in the ground. As a rule, six to eight weeks they bloom and do not cease to delight their continuous blossom to deep autumn.
For one-year plants often attribute some perennials that do not leave winter in the ground. To such colors include begonia. It is digging out of the ground for the winter and searmed by pots that are stored on the balcony. In the spring it is planted again into the ground, pre-cut it.
The life of bilateral colors is two years. In the first year they develop foliage, and on the second bloom. A bright representative of the twilight is the bell. Two-year-old plants are often attributed to perennial, which are not dying for the second year, and simply their appearance becomes less attractive. This, for example, pansies. Two-bedrooms are not afraid of cold and require great effort from gardeners. They grow well as on sunny places, so in shading, in flower beds get along with any plants. The period of flowering in two-year-olds is much shorter compared to annual. Two-year-old flowers are very beautiful and enjoyed using them in floristics.
Perennial flowers can grow in one place for many years in a row and do not require transplant. They bloom on the second year of life, and sometimes on the third. Perennials are very unpretentious. They grow and bloom almost everywhere - on any soils, in the most concealed areas of the garden, near the reservoirs. Perennial flowers - this is the main decoration of the Alpine slide. In the fall, the leaves of perennials fall, and then the stem is moving. We multiply seeds, bulbs, tubers, dividing bush. Perennial colors include familiar dahlias, roses, chrysanthemums, peonies, crocuses, daffodies. Many bulbous on the winter is digging, and in the spring planted back into the soil. MelBet Promo Code Use the promo code GAME888 when claiming the Melbet welcome offer. The bonus can see you receiving up to $130 (€100). There are several other international welcome offers available. At present, the site isn't available in the UK but this may change in the future. Those who can receive the bonus will find this to be a very generous one indeed, but remember to use the promo code. The MelBet site has become increasingly popular. It is not hard to see why because it has lots of betting opportunities, promotions and highly competitive odds.