There are several ways you can charge your Skrill account. As a customer, you can choose which method is most convenient for you, based on your preferences. Bank transfer is popular among customers because it is not charged. Thus, using a bank transfer, you can send money to your Skrill account for free, but you need to count on a longer processing time, which can be up to several days.

Payment using a credit or debit card is processed instantly, so you have money in your Skrill account in the order of seconds or minutes. But beware, because this payment method is chargeable. If you know someone who already has a Skrill account, you can ask them to send money from their Skrill account to yours, and you can settle with them, for example, in cash.

You will also be interested in how you can send money from your Skrill account. We can assure you that even this process is very simple and safe, and in this case we decided to tell you in detail the steps. Payments using Skrill are designed to provide clients with convenience, speed but above all security. When you enter a selection, you will receive two emails. The first email will be a verification email confirming the correctness of your entered payment, this protects you from misuse of your Skrill account, because you will receive the email immediately after entering the payment and if you did not enter the payment, or it comes to you in any suspicious or incorrect way, you can cancel it using the email.

In the second email you will receive a confirmation that the specified transaction was executed correctly. You do not have to respond to this email any more, it serves only as a final summary and confirmation that the payment was made in order. You can easily send money to your bank account using Skrill. This transaction takes 3-5 days.

Since Skrill is mainly used by online casino players, you will find some elements reminiscent of an online casino also in this app. One of them is definitely Skrill VIP program for users. In this case, although you do not get free spins as you would get as a member of the casino's VIP program, but even so, the Skrill VIP program is very interesting.

The advantages of the VIP program are:

  • continuous customer support 24/7
  • about 100% Money Back Guarantee
  • about Priority Banking transactions
  • multi-currency accounts
  • higher limits
  • about lower fees

Skrill VIP program is divided into several levels, and the more you use this online wallet, the more benefits will be available to you.