Not knowing the past, there is no future. This well -known statement also applies to the field of genealogy, which studies the genealogy of the family, the history of its origin and development, the biography of individual family members. Today, genealogies are not fond of fashion or sports interest. The life of distant ancestors, the origin of the surname, the origins of the formation of the family, various family stories and legends truly arouse genuine interest among many representatives of the current generation. And this causes respect, although often the results of research bring disappointment and sadness. The genealogical tree of the family can be presented in the form of a scheme, the structure of which is similar to a tree. Related ties will be indicated by its branches and leaves, after passing by which you can find out the origin and meaning of your surname. There are two types of construction of a tree. The founder is the root of the tree, and the branches speak of the lines of the descendants. This option is used to create a descending genealogical tree. The last tree is represented in the form of the barrel, which you are. The first branch of the barrel goes to your parents, the following to grandparents and grandmothers, then the barrel is branched down by the other ancestors of your family. The creation of the family tree of the family can start with a selection of existing documents, such as:- a birth certificate,- death certificate, death certificate, - A certificate of marriage-certificate of graduation,- a diploma of education, is a work book and others. It is necessary to collect photos of family members, place all the documents in two folders. One of them will collect information on the paternal line, in the other on the maternal. The next stage is a survey of relatives and recording all the data and the details of their stories about the family. This is necessary for the analysis, comparison of the data obtained and the compilation of the tree elements. In addition, this is interesting, you can learn from the stories a lot of unexpected, exciting. The good help in this case may be given an appeal to the archive where information about people from the moment of their birth is stored. To obtain information, it is necessary to provide the archive for the exact information about the full name, date and place of birth of the requested person, social status. After this, this can be proceeded with the design of the family tree of the family. By choosing the desired version of building a tree, you can show any imagination for its creation. To decorate the pedigree tree in various colors, while each color can mean certain moments of a person’s life, his marital status, occupation, the presence of children. Or use geometric shapes, each of which would reveal information about a person’s gender and other factors. The creation of such an important thing as the family tree of the family will leave information and memory of the family to your children and their descendants. Открытым остается вопрос – безопасно ли делать ставки через зеркало официального сайта мостбет С помощью ресурса Мостбет зеркало регистрация проводится стандартным способом.